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Our Picks: Lip Salve-ation balm made with cedar, cardamom, jojoba oil, and beeswax; unisex Parfum des Garcon No 38 with notes of “saffron and lumberjack”; Mineral soak beauty bath with mint, fir, and cedarwood; Strong as a Tree Hand Balm for shaving cuts, chapped skin, and hard-working hands; Paul Bunyan’s Beard Oil with a blend of fir and cedar scents. - March 2015


Ylang Ylang and Geranium Beauty Elixir

Nov 14, 2014 8:30 AM

If your morning face cleansing ritual doesn't make you feel like the most relaxed, gorgeous gal in the entire f*cking world, then you need to do something about it. We should all be able to start our days, no matter what they may entail, feeling like we're on top of the world. After giving your face a scrub, massage a few drops of Wolf's Apothecary Beauty Elixir ($23) into your face. The rosehips, almond, and jojoba oils will nourish and hydrate your face, and the scent of ylang ylang, rosewood, and chamomile flowers will immediately relax you and help you step out that door with a look of serene calm.

Portland Monthly

Head to the far corner of eclectic downtown gift shop Flora , past the bird-themed art trays and house-made scents that promise to “Smell Like Portland.” Look for the crazy cluster of tasting cups, old medical bottles, and jars of dried flowers, and barks. You’ve arrived at Wolf’s Apothecary, a hidden gem selling impressive local teas carefully formulated with foraged finds and hand-harvested “healing” plants by owner Jewelie Randall. My favorites: silky, sunny “golden dawn” (right) rumbling with oat tops, and the dandelion chai, chunked with cinnamon, roasted roots, cardamom pods, and a persistent hum of earth and spice. Sold by the ounce ($3.50–6.50); the shop also ships.

Portland Mercury

"Wolf's Apothecary"
Jewelie Randall’s last name means "Wolf’s Shield" (beat that), so in keeping with the old time tradition of apothecaries named after their owners, she brings us Wolf's Apothecary, a temporary source for locally concocted health and beauty products (Randall herself has 20 years of experience as a "city herbalist"), plus vintage and modern home goods, and jewelry.

-October 2012

Portland Monthly Magazine

“Do This Now! A Guide to Portland’s Holiday Pop-Up Shops”
Featuring lotions, perfumes, and a men’s barber line, Wolf’s Apothecary (920 SW Morrison St) will sell only local products with 100 percent natural ingredients. Owner Jewelie Randall (also the owner of downtown gift shop Flora) says she wants to bring health and beauty products back to their purest and most organic state. -October 2012

The Huffington Post

“Get the 11 Best Under-$25 Souvenirs from Portland Without Leaving Home”
This soy and beeswax candle offers the loveliest aromas of camping -- bacon and campfire -- without the hassle of actually going into the woods.
-April 2014

Clemintine Daily

"With a name like Lumberjack Camp, you know what's coming, yes? This is the ultimate fall candle - a soy and beeswax blend that will flicker on far into the evenings, begging to enjoy its scent just a bit longer. Dear fall, never leave"

The Boston Rose

The homemade, all-natural products at Wolf’s Apothecary are just plain wonderful, and it was so hard trying to narrow down what to try first! I ended up ordering Rapunzel’s Hair Oil, the Dandelion Milk bath powder, and a tube of Lip Salve-Ation. Rapunzel’s Hair Oil is an intoxicating elixir that one uses to tame & bring luster to ones locks, and its scent alone is luxurious. I can’t help but massage a few drops into my long mane at night since the aromatics are so relaxing! -November 2014

Portland Mercury

For my girlfriend, who has said repeatedly she does not want this.

Paul Bunyan's Beard Oil

It's indefensibly selfish to have a beard in a romantic relationship. Your otherwise pleasant face is rendered Brillo-like by some deep-seated self-consciousness about a weak chin or whatever. I know this, but I have maintained a bristly, regal beard over the course of my own romantic engagement. It's fine, my girlfriend assures—but then I'll trim the thing a couple millimeters too short and I'm suddenly weaponized. So here's the thought: I'll buy beard oil! For me, but also for her! I'm going with Paul Bunyan's Beard Oil from Wolf's Apothecary, because it's local and promises to render my coarse visage suddenly supple and soft. My lady says it's a bad idea, that I will smear oil all over the place instead of scratch her. I'm convinced she'll thank me in time.

Wolf's Apothecary, 917 SW Washington, $35 for a two-ounce bottle

Mint + Varnish

“Love Your Home”
-February 2014

Shall Write

“Gorgeous Designs: Product Labels”
Rapunzel’s Hair Oil, made by Wolf’s Apothecary, has a distinctly Portland-ian look to it. The cork color and texture, and the old fonts, make these products look like something you would find on the shelves of a fairy godmother. Rapunzel’s Hair Oil is the only product whose name has literary inspirations, but the overall look of the product line is in perfect keeping with its place of origin and a slightly fantastical milieu.
-October 2013

Little Boxes

“Gift Guide: Tomboy, as Told By WILDFANG”
First off, Wildfangs are obsessed with wolves, so they had me at the name. But it’s also a killer place to find unisex, natural beauty products that smell more like a hike in the woods than they do a tromp through a field of roses. The all-natural look, smell and make up of their products is right up the alley of any tomboy’s beauty regimen.
-November 2013

Travel Portland

-November 2012

Honey Kennedy

♡ YAY! Wolf’s Apothecary is now open! Check out the enchanting new pop-up shop downtown! They will be open now through December 28. MORE INFO. At Wolf’s Apothecary 902 SW Morrison St. -November 2012