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I am an herbalist, a mother, a shop owner, and a Pacific Northwest Native.  
I am a habitual storyteller, a healer, and a huckleberry hunter.
Secretly I am compulsive creator.   
Growing up, I was tossed about.  I migrated my way through a front yard cluttered with redwood trees and littered with rusted treasures from long ago, a travel trailer nestled by the edge of the Cowlitz River, an outdoor kitchen shared with a kit of foxes.  I grew up outside and in the wild and it became who I was, and am.
Later, I was drawn to the city of Portland where I found a job at a local punk rock record store.  My days were filled with a perfect cacophony that was so comforting to my 20 year old self.  Not long after, as a young mother, I found myself wandering back into the wild world of plants and magic that I came from.

I come from loggers, millers, carpenters, sailors, fishermen, hunters, gamblers, bar keeps and the like. I had two strong Grandmothers who both had tattoos, even on their hands.
One was 6 feet tall.
The other’s name was Ruby.

Both of my Grandfathers were choker setters. The most dangerous of logging jobs. One Grandfather died young, by what my Dad said was ‘suicide by alcoholism’. The other was a deep-sea fisherman, trapper and vagabond.
All these folks were married multiple times.
Storytellers, all. Hard-workers, all.
Stoic, proud, noble, bold, brash and somehow reserved with words. You had to wait for a story sometimes for days or weeks. You had to earn it in mysterious ways.
Life is a fairy tale and Wolf’s Apothecary offers this story through scent and experience to the curious adventurers of our time.